You’ve Never Had Ice Cream Like This Before

Experience custom ice cream creations at Jolly Rolls Ice Cream in Matthews, Charlotte, Pineville NC or Indian Land, SC

There’s something amazing happening in Matthews, Charlotte, Pineville, North Carolina & Indian Land, SC. We’re taking traditional ice cream and turning it on its head. Jolly Rolls Ice Cream is a custom ice cream shop based in Matthews offering rolled ice cream. That’s right – rolled ice cream! This is an unexpected way to enjoy your favorite flavors.

We currently have 21 signature flavors, but you’re more than welcome to create a concoction of your own. So what are you waiting for? Make a pit stop at Jolly Rolls Ice Cream and dive into our delectable and distinguished desserts today.

We take “yum” to the next level

Our handmade ice cream creations in Matthews, Charlotte, Pineville, NC and Indian Land, SC have put our small shop on the map. Now it’s your turn to roll up to our location and see what everyone is talking about. Rolled ice cream is a new concept in the U.S., and you can get it right in your backyard at Jolly Rolls Ice Cream. What else makes us a little cooler than the other ice cream shops? Well, at Jolly Rolls Ice Cream:
  • Everything is made fresh – we don’t even have a freezer!
  • Your rolled ice cream only takes 2 minutes to make
  • You can create whatever flavor you want at our shop

No days-old, frozen tubs of ice cream. No bad or boring flavors. At Jolly Rolls Ice Cream, we promise to surprise you with our fresh and custom ice cream creations. We even have dairy free, gluten free and vegan options! 

Satisfy your sweet tooth with something a little different

Want to treat yourself to something outside-the-box (or outside-the-container)? Come to Jolly Rolls Ice Cream! Everything is fresh and fun – including our customer service.

Come visit our ice cream parlor in Matthews, Charlotte, Pineville, NC & Indian Land, SC today.

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